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Tenants.one handles payments, documents and requests for all your property management needs.

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We pack quite the punch when managing properties 🥊

Getting you paid 💰

We make it easy for you to collect payments by partnering with Stripe.

✅ Collect payments with credit cards.

✅ Collect payments with pre-authorized debits.

✅ Want a old school approach? Send manual instructions for tenants to pay.

✅ Payment due notifications on the first of every month.

Manage documents 🗂

Manage all your tenants documents in a single place.

✅ Manage documents for each tenant in a single place.

✅ Store up to 1 GB of files. Anything from photos, gifs, PDFs and more.

✅ Choose which documents to share with your tenants.

✅ Backed up in the cloud for that peace of mind.

Handle requests 🏚

Let tenants issue requests and get notified when something isn't working

✅ Stop the email chain, have tenants issue requests.

✅ Provide useful updates, tenants get notifications every time an update occurs.

✅ Unlimited number of requests.

Tenant portal 👩‍💻

Every tenant gets there own portal

✅ Tenants can setup payments and view history

✅ Access shared documents that you allowed.

✅ Create requests for when things go wrong with the rental.

✅ Quick pay rent with a single click of a button.


We know managing properties is hard and expensive, so we keep our pricing easy and digestible 💪

Starter 🍃

$5.00 CAD/Month


Manage up to 10 tenants.


Includes payments with Stripe, we never charge any additional fees.


1 GB of storage per tenant. Unlimited number of files.


Unlimited number of requests.

Tenant Portal

Included for each tenant.

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More tenants?

Need more than 10 tenants? No problem! Just let us know how many and we can give you a fair price.

More storage?

We can always update the number of storage space per tenant, of course at a fair price.

White label?

Want to use our solution with your brand? We offer competitive software licensing fees for third parties.

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